To-write List


  • Nanatsu no Taizai
  • Tate no Yuusha (x)
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Yamada and 7 witches
  • Mahouka
  • Carole & Tuesday (x)

(x) Not finished/ongoing


  • Toram Online vs Alchemia Story
  • Transformice
  • Eien no Aselia
  • Kamidori Alchemy Meister


  • Koi to Senkyo to Choco
  • Laughter Land

Disappointing works, will not review:

  • Tears to Tiara = starts off strong but gameplay becomes tedious after a while.
  • Sword Art Online Infinity Moment = GRINDY
  • Sword Art Online Hollow Realization = Fun but laggyness makes it hard to enjoy gameplay, plus grindy
  • SHOTA x MONSTERS = Japanese, cool gameplay but couldn’t understand…
  • Fire Emblem = dropped
  • Hyakusei Arthur – got boring


  • Waifu List
  • Shota List
  • Best Male chara
  • Best yandere
  • Best tsundere
  • Best kuudere
  • Best dandere

Nanatsu no Taizai 七つの大罪 The Seven Deadly Sins

Princess Elizabeth escapes imprisonment to search for the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who once served the kingdom but were banished for their betrayal. She seeks them to right the country from the tyrannical rule of the Holy Knights. By chance, she encounters one of them, Meliodias, who saves her life and they go on a journey to search for the remaining Seven Deadly Sins.

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Kono Naka ni Hotori, Imouto ga Iru! この中に1人、妹がいる!

Mikadono Shougo, son to a rich and powerful company chairman, has to attend school to find a girl he is serious on before he can inherit the company. On his father’s funeral, a mysterious girl claiming to be his sister says she has come to marry him before disappearing. When he attends his new school, he finds out that his sister might be amongst the girls around him. How will he choose when he is not sure who is his sister?

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Kabukichou Sherlock 歌舞伎町シャーロック

A doctor on the run from the neat west side finds refuge in the chaotic east of Shinjuku ward. Kabukichou, where neon lights, pink elephants, petty thieves and gangs run rampant. What happens when the doctor enters Pipe Cat, a bar where all the best detectives gather? The doctor’s name is John H. Watsons. A modern story taking bits of our favourite mystery genre characters into anime.

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Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

A hikkikomori, fit, single-child boy who stopped going to school one day after failing to make friends, experiences nausea after leaving a convenience store and the world distorts. He is sent to another world where spirits and demihumans exist. He starts with no offensive powers, but soon finds that he has an ability Return by Death. He uses this to escape the dead ends and try to prevent the bad ends of the people around him. Watch as he supports Emilia, a scorned and feared half-elf, in her journey to be king, and as the story of the Jealous Witch unfolds.

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Hanasaku Iroha 花咲くいろは

Ohana, a Tokyo high school girl, who had been living alone with her single mom has no choice but to relocate to her grandmother’s inn when her mom decides to leaves with her boyfriend. There, she experiences working as a waitress, and finds a place for herself at Kissui Inn.

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Welcome to the NHK! NHKにようこそ!NHK ni Youkoso!

Tatsuhiro Satou is a hikkikomori, one who secluses himself at home and finds it difficult to have a job or go out of the house. He meets a strange girl, Misaki, who for unknown reasons, schedules meetings with him to help solve his ‘hikkikomorism’. Yamazaki is his new neighbour, a previous kouhai of his who is an otaku and not very socially accepted. Watch as our characters struggle with life and as they overcome their anxieties.

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Laughter Land ラフターランド

Welcome to another BL visual novel post by Yuu!

Today, we have a look at another eroge that features Boy’s Love, by Langmaor. Similar titles by Langmaor are Enzai and Absolute Obedience. I almost thought Hadaka Shitsuji was by them but turns out not. Enzai and Absolute Obedience are also pretty famed “classics” in the BL visual novel community, so feel free to check them out!

Quick synopsis from Aarinfantasy:

Dick is a young boy living in a village who is bored with schoolwork and his everyday life. One day, he attends the village fair and meets a mysterious boy dressed like a court jester called Guillered who offers to bring him to a world called Laughter Land where one’s every wish is granted and there is no work, only play and no one ever grows up. Dick agrees and is brought to Laughter Land.


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Grinding mobile game and its September already

Hey all,

If it hasn’t been obvious enough, my blogs been pretty inactive lately. In so far that the only post that I’ve did recently would be 5 Anime like Your Lie In April on another website: The Lost Otaku.

It’s great and all that I’ve joined this collaboration, but my lethargy kicks in and I can’t seem to get rid of my inertia in writing legit blog posts. Feeling unmotivated as hell is one thing, but also lacking inspiration to write is another thing. Perhaps I’ve experienced that acceptance that I should take it at my own pace and write, otherwise forcing myself to write to pander to an audience (or an imagined audience) would be kinda silly.

Where my blog currently stands, I still get a little traffic trickling in. Awkward one to two views on weekdays, seven to nine views on weekends. I’m guessing my blog is getting some hits on google search. 🙂

I just want to share what I’ve been up to lately; honestly, nothing much to be proud of, spending massive amounts of time grinding and farming in a Japanese mobile game Toram Online. It’s not really the newest thing to me, since I loved this game back few years back, just decided to pick it up mid this year, and kachink! I’m hooked~

It’s a sorry state the blog is in, but I’m a little lost in terms of a general direction to head towards. Given my lazy self, I have watched many an anime but not written a single word for them. Kinda contradictory to the blog aim, to give recommendations and commentaries. Writing rants and drabble sorts like this is kind of what I like to do though, it really eases my mind to not have to structure my articles, figure out how to express with “sophisticated” or relatively sophisticated words, and worst of all search for pictures, take screenshots, wonder how to fit the screenshots in my posts… To the extent it takes a few hours for one freaaaking post.

Imouto Sae ga Ireba Ii, my first post on this blog, is a prime example of me writing in the most formal and “professional” sense. Every sentence scrutinised down to its very detail. Not a sentence wasted, not a sentence not having a pulling and straight to the point feel to it, yet coloured well with descriptive words.

Compare to Mayo Chiki, and we see my writing began to slacken, I add in more personal opinion, and a really unpolished article since I simply dumped in the rest of the manga strip in after spending too much time writing the post… and feeling exhausted.

It seems like from now on, I’ll spend more on writing thoughts as they come to mind, and keep images out of my posts for the most bits. In the first place, I don’t exactly have a loyal following so that seems fine. I’ll just stick with something I could write easily and feel accomplished to have written without overexerting myself.

Look out for my next article on Laughter Land.

Best regards,