Hiatus for 2 Weeks? Or 2 Years?!

So if you haven’t been stalking my twitter, I won’t be contactable for 2 weeks or so, starting from 4th January. Which is great news for me isn’t it! No more worrying about having to post content! *sarcasm*

Honestly I’m not quite sure as to how much energy I will have over the weekends to post stuff, especially full-blown anime reviews that I put a ton of energy thinking over and rechecking and rechecking, I think it’s about one to two hours per anime review. In contrast episodic reviews are fairly easy since they’re thought up on the spot and I type as I watch which would be easier. Well, of course assuming I have the energy to watch anime at all. ~rolls eyes~

So, わかんない!

Hell’s incoming and I can’t wait. lol kek haha lmao rofl.


まよチキ!Mayo Chiki!

Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Ore to (迷える執事とチキンな俺と, The Hesitant Butler and Myself the Chicken) revolves around Kinjirou Sakamachi, a 17-year-old high school boy who suffers from gynophobia (abnormal fear of women), which makes his nose bleed every time he has physical contact with a female. While using the men’s washroom, he accidentally discovers that the popular and handsome butler Subaru Konoe is in fact a girl. Now that Kinjirō knows about Subaru’s secret, he must work together with Subaru and her sadistic mistress, Kanade Suzutsuki, to protect Subaru’s secret from being discovered.

Music-wise, Mayo Chiki! displays good but the usual jpop OP and ED. Compared to some of the best OPs and EDs this season, it pales in comparision, but nevertheless good on the ears. After many repetitions of Be Starters!, I found myself humming along and liking it.

Since I found the anime unfulfilling I went on ahead to read the manga from scratch. This review will consist of some comparisions with the manga as a result.

Plot-wise, what’s to hate of a super cute reverse trap! Despite Subaru the reverse trap butler being the main heroine of the show, I found myself more attracted to Usami’s character, which was better explored. Usami was unable to trust others, unable to act openly, and became finally able and wanting to change through the story – she found out it wasn’t that others change you, it has to be you to change yourself. (Episode 6) The anime felt awkwardly structured, since the side character BL megane lover in sheep costume wasn’t fleshed out until the very last episode. (Episode 13) As an anime, the show goes well as a comedic piece, but falls flat in character development of the main characters in particular, the only exception being Usami. In part, this is due to the way the manga was structured, and only through reading the manga did I learn more about Suzutsuki’s chracter. The manga provided a much better analysis and deeper compare and contrast of Usami and Suzutsuki’s character.

Compared to similar gender bender anime such as Maria holic, this show dwelves deeper into friendship and romance. The manga really fleshed out the feelings of the characters and the romance that blossomed, unlike the anime, to which Kinjirou x Subaru only developed to the point of best friends. Despite the warm atmosphere the anime gave, there was no concrete end to the show, and it felt abrupt. Almost as if they lost all their budget for a continuation second season because they visited the pachinko. As referenced earlier, the last episode appeared as a last ditch attempt to explore Nakuru’s character and complex over her large boobs, but there wasn’t much explored into how people fall in love, which wasn’t resolved with the introduction of gap moe. This puts it in a very bad spot as that’s what it ended with.

Fortunately, the manga fares better, which you may continue from Volume 4 Chapter 19, although there are some scenes left out from the anime, so I would recommend to read the manga from scratch again!

In terms of art though, I found the anime to feature Konoe better with a wider variety of expressions and more distinguishable art for each character, as in the manga the eyes and faces of all the characters are noticeably similar.

It also explains the pun, shitsuji (butler) and hitsuji (sheep) which sounds similar, which struck me as the reason as to why Subaru loved the sheeps so much. Suzutsuki could be compared to the wolf in some scenes with her evil vibes when hunting down Subaru, the sheep.

Additionally, the manga also illustrates usami attempting suicide, so chapter 12 was really different from the way the anime was executed. Perhaps due to the nature of the anime being marketed as a R+ mild nudity ecchi film they thought it better to reduce the seriousness of the plot. Which is not a good idea, don’t ruin the plot!


Music is also used well throughout the anime, and even within the story itself. The song Usami uses as a ringtone can be found here, it’s called Believe, a song most middle-schoolers in Japan hear sung by the choir. It’s more obviously heard with the first few seconds of this piano version, 信じてる ピアノ. The lyrics of the song tells us that despite Usami’s distrust of everyone, she wants to try to believe. And that she sets it to Baka Chiken’s ringtone as someone who helps her believe. (Episode 9) Great ost, Hakanaki Yume, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owiro-Tli8s (Episode 4)

A brief sketch of the feelings I felt while reading the manga:

  • It’s a pity Konoe isn’t able to bring herself to confess to Jirou properly, and instead elevating their status to “Best Friends”.
  • loving the manga
  • deals with friendzone (chapter 28)
  • and harem (even usami !! chapter 29)
  • We aren’t wavering anymore (chapter 31)
  • Subaru, cluster of stars (chapter 34)
  • Ship complete! (chapter 34) ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Reveal! (chapter 35) => the anime may have tried to adapt it a little with Butler going missing and the campaign for Konoe to return as butler, (which was not in the manga)
  • CHARACATERE DEVELOPMENT, chicken -> not chiken, we’ve came along way (no longer nosebleeeding easily, no longer easily swayed by Suzutsuki
  • Usamin became a gullible cute rabbit easily fooled by Suzutsuki, more trusting of people
  • Konoe became more honest with her feelings

The manga Mayo Chiki! really gave me the feels, and I could feel their love blossom. Unlike Ookami Shounen, Mayo Chiki! showed the development of love of the main couple, without any holds barred. Albeit it may be a little too convenient to have all 3 heroines accept each other without much infighting, but I do suppose that as friends they have already progressed thus far. Perhaps it is a relief not to have the usual crying drama of heartbreak, but it may not be that realistic in that case. Regardless, I’m happy for their friendship and shall worship Subaru-sama as the cutest thing sheep in existence.

/ーーーー・ Rating:9/10 ・ーーーー/

Anime was OK but please continue reading the manga!



New Year, New Vision

With the end of 2017, I realised that this blog lacks a strong personality backing some of its posts, especially the ones recommending anime. I guess it would be a good time to begin reviewing anime instead, and giving scores.

Another plus point that I have going for me would be my ability to understand (some) japanese, which I can put to my advantage when analyzing specific quotes. Beyond that, I need to look at anime as a whole and critique it, which I’m finding it really hard to do since all I do is watch them for every bit’s worth of enjoyment value, and thinking of whether it’s a good move as a plot kind of ruins my enjoyment. ^^;;;

Without sufficient follower backing and comments I think my motivation may have fallen apart halfway. But I’ll continue to pick myself up, no matter how many more blog counts or followers other anime blogs have, and continue on with my grand dream of making money out of this. (*T_T)

Beyond that, I would love to get to know some amazing bloggers, so feel free to comment or look me up on Twitter where I’m most active!

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 12

Title drops everywhere! Small Itsuki is cute, but probably what you might call a loner, who escapes into the fantasy world of light novels.

After having his heart broken by an older sister character, his first few words were about how he wasn’t even a minor character, and someone not important at all. I suppose after reading so many stories, he became conscious of his importance, he wanted some recognition or some sort, to become a main character.

OP starts! Nice transition into OP! I guess writers do have to experience most of the feelings they write to depict them well. Did the OP change slightly to have Nayuta turn around at the end?

Another beer. How many types of alcohol are they gonna promote in this anime, haha…

ohe~ –Nayuta

That game has an interesting twist, instead of money it’s happiness that decides your win. Sort of like how people’s money is used as a means to an end, which is happiness, the money in game is used to add to the dice rolls.

Nayuta wins the major label, but not Itsuki. Compare with how Nayuta’s light novel sells so much better than Itsuki’s that she is in a different league. The game actually reflects their real life! The game rather accurately depicts the barriers to entry into each field, with internet writers having no barriers at all, all they have to do is upload their written story. Next up would be to see how the different roles play out.

The amount of money they earn is vastly different, as for the net novelist, he gains happiness points directly but earns no money. Itsuki fails to debut repeatedly. Really reflecting the harsh reality here.

Nayuta misses a deadline and misses 5 turns, meanwhilst the other characters gain better luck this time. Perhaps we can’t say Nayuta is a winner just yet!

…it’s become a competition of who has the least negative happiness point… The life of a light novel writer is hard indeed…

Replacement anime, no wonder they were so bad. I can’t really think up any real life examples of replacement anime though.

As long as I have a longing for a little sister, I can go on forever! <= Is probably why Itsuki is never told that Chihiro is actually a girl. But what happens when Itsuki finds out next episode? Can’t wait!



Imouto sae Ireba Ii Episode 11

Well, at least Itsuki feels the pressure and keeps to the deadline. At the expense of passing out and having an unshaven beard.

That guy’s drunk? Welcome to the world of weirdies Miyako >W<)

Anata, nani mono? Miyako is magic friend of Nayuta and can see her anytime, roar! And get the manuscript for you 😀

Multiple platforms to write, so you can write on the go.

This episode dwelves into the world of editors, and how tough their work can be.

Miyako best yandere.

Yay more games aside from TRPG.

Once Upon A Time, storytelling with cards. Seems really fun!

Chihiro uses Interrupt card to get the main character and sister together again because she is a little sister herself. 😀

Poor Miyako XD

I want to be a protagonist. SO this is what’s this is about. OP lyrics did address that, but the story never really mentioned anything about it until now.

Aww Nayu was secretly listening in. ////

Mahou Academy will be made into an anime! Good news, Itsuki, one step closer to being with Nayu.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii Episode 10

Starts with a gloomy flashback.

So Chihiro’s a step-brother? Well step-brothers are not blood-related, so it’s okay! Not~ Yes of course who wouldn’t get along well with Chihiro who’s so kind. >w<)

Did I mention I absolutely love the OP music and graphics?


They use icons! A clean and neat design is why I love this anime so much.

Chokes. Why Ashley?! At least perhaps we may see more fanservice. Crossdressing sensors alert! You want to become an imouto, right Chihiro.

More like Ashley is concerned about appearances but too lazy to clean up the rest ;P Perhaps it’s just a regular cleaning job after all…

honki wo dashite 😮 Super powered Chihiro maid. Totally not a reference to Shounen Maid 😛

Ofuro? Here’s where the trap is, yes? 😏

Oh wow reverse trap that’s fun too – Chihiro’s a girl?! Why keep it from his brother though?

This description is creeping me out 😑 Is anything cute as long as it’s called an imouto?!

Once bitten twice shy, the threats work better too.

Tekai, nani ga tekai datou??? Zoo and innenudos and making them lewd. Reminds me of Shobitch XD

Eh possessed zoo animals?

Yay Chihiro~ Cute girl~ Housewife mode. Let’s cook up all the fish!

Chihiro best girl.

Oh no, the problem arises. Oh, taxi to talk longer huh! Oh no, don’t become a vulgar girl Chihiro!

Cold family problems.

I love the ED music.

Nothing much to talk about this anime really, cause it is really slice-of-life mostly. Except the rift between Itsuki and his dad.


You talking about this anime, bro? Wanna fight?

Tsundere sister. How sweet. I realise that there’s a lot of beer introduced in this anime? Maybe lot’s of them drink lots in real life too.

Feels like all the male characters have imoutos. Except that Itsuki doesn’t know that he has one. 😛

3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 10

How many times have I said I love the OP? ^^;

We get a look into Junkei’s thoughts on working hard to beat your rivals. It’s really tough.

The start is easy, but to go pro is hard. That’s how people wear out.

Strength of heart huh. Smile against all odds.

Want to be young again and try without fear? Flowers from you know who.

That “bakayarou” said with so much fondness? =w=

Oh, so the pigeon left for a while while he went to shogi? “Let’s make it a race to see who flies first.” Sounds like youth.


Sudden mood change~~~ How fun! Parfait toppings probably add up to quite an amount. But I guess Kiriyama has the money… ^^:

But I guess treating the sisters to dinner would be better than upright giving them money for home tuition -,-||

甘いAmai 塩っぱいShioppai loop! Sweet-salty loop! Cold hot cold hot!

I completely sympathise with Kiriyama’s and Grandpa’s facepalm now XD

Hina x Kiriyama ship !!

They purposely showed Hina with both shoes on, and her vibrant expression and voice. Contrast to when she was bullied. One person appearing can really save someone. All you need is one person only.

Kiriyama boyfriend material already, preparing food cause he could anticipate Hina wouldn’t be able to eat well. Kiriyama’s good memory may help him become a great boyfriend 😀

ハンパない=半端ない?not incomplete?

shiranai machi no kawaberi nanoni, reichan ga tonari suwatte kureta dakede
At the river of an unknown town, but simply with Rei-chan sitting next to me,

itsumo no kawaberi you na kimochi ninatta
it became like the feeling of the usual river (at home),

shitteru basho iru mitai ni ochitsuita
calm, just as if (we were) at a familiar place.

This isn’t just any riverbank scene, it’s actually a celebration of Rei x Hina. Their most emotional moments have always been near the riverbank. There was Hina grieving over her deceased mother, there was the bullying at school, and now there’s this. Their backs together really make a good picture.

“The medicine worked, Hina?” says Akari. Both literal and figurative in that Rei’s also the medicine to Hina’s loneliness caused by bullying! :3

This contrasts with season 1 in which Akari was the main caregiver of the family, including caring for Rei, now Rei learns to care for Hina, and Momo. He leveled up! 😀

Humming along with the ED~