Hiatus for 2 Weeks? Or 2 Years?!

So if you haven’t been stalking my twitter, I won’t be contactable for 2 weeks or so, starting from 4th January. Which is great news for me isn’t it! No more worrying about having to post content! *sarcasm*

Honestly I’m not quite sure as to how much energy I will have over the weekends to post stuff, especially full-blown anime reviews that I put a ton of energy thinking over and rechecking and rechecking, I think it’s about one to two hours per anime review. In contrast episodic reviews are fairly easy since they’re thought up on the spot and I type as I watch which would be easier. Well, of course assuming I have the energy to watch anime at all. ~rolls eyes~

So, わかんない!

Hell’s incoming and I can’t wait. lol kek haha lmao rofl.

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