Detective Conan Episode 887 – 888

Yay another new year with Conan!


OP became so freaking high quality, super detailed backgrounds with realistic shading and highlights. Looks like they’re showing off their new year new anime making standards. Well, conan quality has definitely been changing and will continue improving with the years!

Again with Samizu Kichiemon~


The Internet Conan uses still looks freaking old though.


Does this guy only know how to cook stewed meat and potatoes?? Oh right, they’re probably the easiest aside from curry. 😛

At 04:55 when they made Haibara’s unnecessary head turn I was like, oh why are they following modern anime art direction with all those redirections and face turns OMG. It’s not even a freaking romance drama!

Oh suspense music. What’s with that random photo taking. That better not be a random effect. -,-‘

Oh lol, Kuroba is so cute.

Some insane box that is.

Conan’s kid sensors tingles.

I guess the girl Suzuki, since she’s the most unlikely to be. Watching conan has taught me how to guess culprits. 😛

I like Conan being ecchi. 😛

Doitsumo Koitsumo (this person and that person)

Kogoro’s as bullshit as usual can’t be him.

I’m just like: Oi Kaito Kid why do you always look at Conan to watch for that “I know everything now” face


They should call him Magic Conan.

I like.


Oh no evil teacher next episode~!

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