WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera-

An amazing read. For a renpy game I wasn’t expecting much, but this was apparently commercial, and came with a few scenes with Japanese voice acting. Was it made by Japanese? Don’t know. They know about ren’py? That’s rare?. But it was really a high quality visual novel, except for the front screen in which the art looked a little pixellated.

Unfortunately for such an amazing read with such beautiful character art and such great characterisation, there is no choice of heroines since this is only one part of what was supposed to be an entire series, except there aren’t any else in development status yet or any updates on those.

The story was great, except that it ended with many questions still left ringing in my head, unanswered since there isn’t a sequel although it was intended. It really stung me for a couple of days and left me feeling a little empty.


A brief summary by me on this visual (more like kinetic) novel, is that the main protagonist wakes up, finds himself in a smaller self of himself in the slums, and the rich him in the late 20s has died according to the news. He’s lucky to be found and taken in by the church, and there are three heroines, but this part locks your choice onto one. All of them (probably) have special powers and have a different name. The protagonist is able to tell the immediate future. Mysterious man and hidden antagonists play a huge role in tripping the protagonist, and the choices you select decide if you fall into a dead end or survive to read till the end.

The story captivates and enthralls, sprinkled with appropriate CG art and embellished with the necessary top-notch backgrounds and character art. The main gripe I have is the incompleteness of the story, since the company probably gave up on the sequels.

Feel free to discuss what you thought of it. If you’re curious what this game is all about, check it out on steam.



The Hourglass of Lepidoptera Is Being Removed From Steam


To say that I feel disappointed is to say the least. Although it was really short, it was a good read with good plot good art and everything seemed to be going well. Too bad that company problems with fraud ruined plans for sequel (probably) and probably ended the company. Sadly so. I’d have given a full ten out of ten if not for that it’ll never be completed. Had potential. 7/10


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