Fresh Look, New Concept, Another Beginning

Accepting the fact that it is unlikely that my blog will ever be profitable, or popular for that matter, has helped a lot. Unlike many other anime bloggers in this realm (: , I certainly do not write as beautifully or have the time nor motivation to do in depth research. Neither am I as knowledgable on this topic of anime or film or literature or whatever and nor do I keep up to date with anime news.

Nevertheless, I have outlined a new objective for my blog; instead of pressuring myself to churn out content that I think would attract readers, it may be better to revert to producing content that makes me happy. ^W^)  And to post whenever I feel like it instead of regularly.

My new aims as written in About:

  1. Keep track of watched anime and related cultural products
  2. Rate them to the best of my ability
  3. Provide recommendations to people new to Japanese Animation
  4. Provide trivia on the Japanese language in anime

Which helps clear up my mind a lot and curbs my desire to write “Top 10 Blah Blah Blah Anime” posts simply to attract readers. A.k.a. Clickbait.

I just hope people find the Japanese language part valuable.

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