Ultimate Boob Wars ぜったい最胸☆おっぱい戦争!! ~巨乳王国vs貧乳王国~


Haruto, the protagonist loves both small boobs and big boobs equally. However, the continent Buchest which is shaped like a pair of boobs, is at war. Small boobs loath big boobs just as big boobs loath small boobs. Small boob citizens seem to value intelligence whilst big boob citizens value might and strength. Haruto finds the Breasts Gods who have been reduced in size and power. At their request, Haruto sets out to collect boob power by rubbing the breasts of girls; bringing peace to the lands, all the while having sex with girls on the way.

Ultimate Boob Wars: Background

As anyone might expect, the setting is 100% not to be taken seriously, pretty much, the entire story is meant to be taken lightly, and that the protagonist is such a lech (sukebe) is meant to initiate the love scenes easily. Still, as expected of a visual novel of this calibre translated by Mangagamer, alongside the likes of My Girlfriend is President! and Evenicle, Ultimate Boob Wars still manages to have an acceptable standard of plot.

One benefit is that it caters to both types of perverts, the konyuu (big breasts) and pettanko (small breasts) lovers. Since I lean towards the latter, I’d like to share about Chocolat’s route.

Ultimate Boob Wars: Chocolat

I really have a soft spot for two characters who somehow have met before during childhood, although it is a rather overused trope in many visual novels to create a sense of destiny that these two are fated to be together! (Saya in Little Busters EX, I’m sure My Girlfriend is Daitoryou had some bit of that too, and many others that I can’t really recall currently)

Add a pinch of comedy and a good bgm soundtrack and it really brings out a good feeling. Although unfortunately as it is it really is only a somewhat conveniently introduced backstory to add depth of character, it can’t compare to much better works more devoted to character development (Little Busters EX), but it is much welcome in the eroge landscape where plot seldom makes any sense at all… i.e. boob shaped island, boob-representing dragons, boob shaped shrubbery, boob shaped sculptures like the stone-carved Hokage faces in Naruto… and boob energy that somehow can save the world.

Ultimate Boob Wars: Ending Remarks

I would say, for a visual novel that is nukige, focused on “plot”, that is on sex scenes, there is sufficiently interesting plot developments in the ending route, and as such is a rare gem amongst other nukige. The art and animation of sex scenes makes for a very pleasurable time as well, if you’re looking for that.

I wouldn’t claim that this was an amazing read, but it was an unexpectingly good one. Who says eroge can’t have any plot? Chocolat’s route was a rather refreshing read, although not one of the main heroines. Having read one of the main heroines’ Iris’ route too, I feel like it paled a lot in comparison to the comedy and fun in Chocolat’s route, and the resolution was smoothed over pretty quickly. Though there was one breathtaking CG definitely worth it.

That’s all for me on this, and although I doubt much people would have any interest in the plot in visual novels where the focus isn’t plot, I’ll likely be bringing to you a next writeup on D.C. Capo III sometime soon in the future! Sometime, that is… ^_-)

Yuu =w=))

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