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In the creation of the Evenicle, the Holy Mother Eve gave two commandments that govern the world: One must not kill, and one can only have one partner in life. Criminals become branded as outlaws if they break these laws, and a black ring magically forms around their finger. They become unable to enter towns and harvest food. Asterick, a boy who washes up on the island, wakes up to find himself delightfully below a girl’s ass. Unsatisfied with having only one partner in life, Aster embarks on a journey to increase his knight rank. With each increase, he is allowed to marry and have sex with more women.

Evenicle: Background

It is very obvious from the start that our male protagonist is surprisingly, a very lecherous character. With most visual novels, male protagonists have a rather mild, tame personality, almost the average guy on the street. Alicesoft has different ideas however, outright throwing the typical trope out of the window and shoving a pervert who can only think of having good old sex with girls in our faces.

This cleverly creates the premise for which Alicesoft would use to subtly (or not so subtly) throw in some R18-rated H-scenes into the game. For instance, each time after battle the love gauge fills up a bit, and when it reaches max level, Aster can return home to enjoy sex with one wife. So you get to accumulate sex scenes pretty easily without having to go through visual novel routes, romanticising one heroine at a time. This breaks the mould of usual visual novels.

Evenicle: Gameplay

Perhaps it may be more apt to claim that Evenicle is far from any usual visual novel. The average visual novel even if they have game rpg elements usually has users spend more time reading text than playing dungeon crawler. Evenicle does the opposite – instead of boreing us with long texts, they choose to open the world of Evenicle for us to explore freely, and the adventure of fighting creatures matches the storyline at the point in time. The large numbers of Easter Eggs to discover: Scenic Spots where Aster has a conversation with a heroine, Capturable Animal Girl Enemies that you can use on your character item’s slot to power up your character, Optional Boss Monsters that you can defeat, all of these serve to enhance your experience of the game. Avoiding traps that can lower your team’s health, organising skill points freely to decide which attacks you will need for the next enemy, exploring Hanny Caves to get skill chests. Evenicle is without doubt a visual novel rich in the game department.

In comparison with Eiyuu Senki, Evenicle triumphs. Evenicle allows for open area movement, discovering easter eggs, visiting new towns, then reading the story in between gameplay. This makes it difficult to tire of the game. In contrast, Eiyuu Senki does combat on a mission basis, which may cause players to accumulate these missions and finish them up at one go, which causes them to tire from the repetition of combat. Eiyuu Senki also does not offer an open world to explore, nor any easter eggs to discover.

Evenicle: Characters

In the Character department, Evenicle takes advantage of having a circle of wives to extract multiple sex scenes for the user’s enjoyment, but does not fail to develop their individual personalities. For an eroge, the distintion from character to character is surprisingly detailed. Especially when towards the end, each of them realise that they are resistant to different desires because they have not felt them in their lives. (Greed, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony)

First wife: Ramius

She matches Aster in the pervert department, what’s with hiding erotic books under her bed! Your typical clumsy airhead but perverted. She does not feel envy, probably because she is too straightforward and simple. It is better than feeling strongly envious of other people and never seeking to improve yourself.

Second wife: Riche

She is a younger princess, thus as a result she does not take up as much royal duties as her sister Criox, giving her free rein to tackle the evil outlaw organisation Snake’s Crest. Perhaps as a result of her royal upbringing, she has never felt greed, and the need for money. However, she does stand on her own two feet despite being a princess, and is determined to craft out her own place in the world, such as when she ventured on her own to fight Snake’s Crest. I guess she’s the tsundere character.

Third wife: Gurigura

Gurigura was an assassin instructed to assassinate a president, Tio. Through some events, Aster saved her from her fate of killing people, and she lived up to the cuteness of her appearance. She lived a hard life, but never blamed anyone for her situation. She does not feel wrath towards the world for her situation, as she rationalises it wouldn’t change anything. She is grateful to Aster for changing her circumstances. She is probably the token loli character.

Fourth wife: Kathryn

She is a retired strategist that used to fight the frontlines with a group of men. Unfortunately, they were caught in ambush and only she was able to get away. She felt guilt for letting them die and secluded herself in a lonely mountain playing her games and reading manga, living the life of a typical Japanese hikkikomori. Things change when Aster and his party knocks on her door, and she joins them eventually. She does not feel gluttony because her time fighting in guerilla warfare in the forest taught her that it was enough to eat food, no point in eating excessively. She is probably your intellectual otaku heroine.

These four and Aster forms the team that you can use to fight in combat. The other wives only serve non-combat purposes at home. However, the other wives’ stories are not left undeveloped.

Tio saves girls raped by Snake’s Crest. As a result of the rape, they have broken Mother Eve’s law of one partner, and gain black rings, which forbids them from entering towns and harvesting from nature. Tio takes them in and offers shelter and food for the girls.

Erimo is a half-poppin, and her race causes her to be discriminated against amongst poppins and humans alike. Poppins are perverts good at building machinery. As a half-poppin her skills at crafting and machinery are not as good thus she is shunned by the poppins initially, but Aster helps her find her place where she feels at home.

Towa is a timid storyteller, who goes around chroniclling stories. At the end, Towa is seen telling the story of Aster to a group of children at the hospital. Is Aster dead? You said The End, one child exclaimed. Towa thinks for a bit, then writes ‘The adventure continues’. Alicesoft does this so cleverly, as it hints to us that Evenicle will have a sequel. And it does, see Evenicle 2!

Of course with all the buzz and attention on other wives, we can’t forget the two dragon sisters of Aster who raised him and his libido up, and QD who frequently breaks fourth wall, talking about emptistories, other worlds, and destroying the creator of Evenicle. (Alicesoft writing a character that aims to destroy them, that’s actually pretty fourth wall broken huh)

Evenicle: Ending Remarks

With all that said, Evenicle is so wonderful a masterpiece that even the word ‘amazing’ cannot do justice to it. Its brightly coloured graphics, moronic conversations between characters and quirky easter eggs helps highlight that a big part of the story lies in its absurdity and comedy. So take a step back, enjoy this game lightheartedly and wholeheartedly. If you haven’t had your share of rpg games or have just had a terribly grindy game, Evenicle is just the game for you to have a good time in both game and hentai content.

Yuu =w=))

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