Grinding mobile game and its September already

Hey all,

If it hasn’t been obvious enough, my blogs been pretty inactive lately. In so far that the only post that I’ve did recently would be 5 Anime like Your Lie In April on another website: The Lost Otaku.

It’s great and all that I’ve joined this collaboration, but my lethargy kicks in and I can’t seem to get rid of my inertia in writing legit blog posts. Feeling unmotivated as hell is one thing, but also lacking inspiration to write is another thing. Perhaps I’ve experienced that acceptance that I should take it at my own pace and write, otherwise forcing myself to write to pander to an audience (or an imagined audience) would be kinda silly.

Where my blog currently stands, I still get a little traffic trickling in. Awkward one to two views on weekdays, seven to nine views on weekends. I’m guessing my blog is getting some hits on google search. 🙂

I just want to share what I’ve been up to lately; honestly, nothing much to be proud of, spending massive amounts of time grinding and farming in a Japanese mobile game Toram Online. It’s not really the newest thing to me, since I loved this game back few years back, just decided to pick it up mid this year, and kachink! I’m hooked~

It’s a sorry state the blog is in, but I’m a little lost in terms of a general direction to head towards. Given my lazy self, I have watched many an anime but not written a single word for them. Kinda contradictory to the blog aim, to give recommendations and commentaries. Writing rants and drabble sorts like this is kind of what I like to do though, it really eases my mind to not have to structure my articles, figure out how to express with “sophisticated” or relatively sophisticated words, and worst of all search for pictures, take screenshots, wonder how to fit the screenshots in my posts… To the extent it takes a few hours for one freaaaking post.

Imouto Sae ga Ireba Ii, my first post on this blog, is a prime example of me writing in the most formal and “professional” sense. Every sentence scrutinised down to its very detail. Not a sentence wasted, not a sentence not having a pulling and straight to the point feel to it, yet coloured well with descriptive words.

Compare to Mayo Chiki, and we see my writing began to slacken, I add in more personal opinion, and a really unpolished article since I simply dumped in the rest of the manga strip in after spending too much time writing the post… and feeling exhausted.

It seems like from now on, I’ll spend more on writing thoughts as they come to mind, and keep images out of my posts for the most bits. In the first place, I don’t exactly have a loyal following so that seems fine. I’ll just stick with something I could write easily and feel accomplished to have written without overexerting myself.

Look out for my next article on Laughter Land.

Best regards,


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