Kabukichou Sherlock 歌舞伎町シャーロック

A doctor on the run from the neat west side finds refuge in the chaotic east of Shinjuku ward. Kabukichou, where neon lights, pink elephants, petty thieves and gangs run rampant. What happens when the doctor enters Pipe Cat, a bar where all the best detectives gather? The doctor’s name is John H. Watsons. A modern story taking bits of our favourite mystery genre characters into anime.

Everyone knows Sherlock Holmes. But take Sherlock Holmes and the traditional Japanese storytelling art, Rakugo, and we get Kabukichou Sherlock’s Sherlock.

Rakugo is the when a lone storyteller narrates a usually comedic story, acting out expressions of the characters, and making the audience laugh. In this anime, we find out that Sherlock is a very intelligent individual living up to his name, but he also solves his cases through narrating by Rakugo. This gives solving cases a novel and entertaining feel.

Nonetheless, this is only a facet of the appeal. We soon encounter Moriarty, and as everyone knows, the antagonist to Sherlock Holmes. In detective fiction, Moriarty masterminded many criminal operations and got away from Sherlock multiple times. In the anime however, we see that James Moriarty appears as a school kid who leads a band of petty theives, the Irregulars. Things only turn on its head in later episodes, and James plays his role as his name suggests.

For a story of its caliber, it was not extremely exciting, especially when compared to Bungo Stray Dogs. Bungo Stray Dogs gave its characters powers related to the stories they wrote, as they were names of famous authors of literature. In Kabukichou Sherlock, there are no such action scenes of fights, which makes it less of a typical shounen battle. Neither do they craft very intrincate detective cases to call in a detective anime. Take the episode in that they were digging a hole to rob a bank, or the pyramid scam that was producing dangerous chemicals. Not particularly original nor thought inducing. What does Kabukichou offer?

The way I see it, is that Kabukichou lets us look into these really interesting characters. How would Sherlock be like if he met Rakugo? How would Moriarty act his crimes as a young boy, what could lead to him becoming a criminal? And an insight into his thoughts and feelings.

For an anime original, they do some good work there making the intrincate link of Jack the Ripper and Moriarty. Unfortunately, we are missing a lot of character development for side characters. The other detectives get at most an unengaging single episode to themselves, and besides their occasional involvement in the main plot, they rarely make themselves stand out to the point of using their deductions skills (if any) aside from being a slightly combat able human. It would be nice to have them have a distinct ability that no other detective character has.

All in all, an average watch, but worth the boredom when there’s nothing else better.

I like James Moriarty character best. His dopey lovable ‘bakaaa’ and when his not being a cunning evil and his tears are the best. (‘w’) Also shota James is super duper cute and psychopathic it’s so cute. (and scary.)

Right, sometimes the show throws in this little love triangle/BL stuff about Watsons x Sherlock but I honestly just find it bleh. The ‘Nii-san!!’ that Watson keep calling Mycroft just runs out of flavour fast.

And just what is with anime’s creepy obsession over masculine women and onee? 馬鹿にしてるの?Or maybe raise awareness?

Have some cinnamon roll:

My reaction: Moriarty just so cute <3333

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