Nanatsu no Taizai 七つの大罪 The Seven Deadly Sins

Princess Elizabeth escapes imprisonment to search for the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who once served the kingdom but were banished for their betrayal. She seeks them to right the country from the tyrannical rule of the Holy Knights. By chance, she encounters one of them, Meliodias, who saves her life and they go on a journey to search for the remaining Seven Deadly Sins.

I love this show. I really do. The ideas of seven deadly sins, each of their own ‘sin’ and backstory that shows such depth of character, and their awesome awesome awesome abilities unique to each character.

Nanatsu no Taizai has a very shounen feel to it, other works that give me that feel would be Naruto, Fairy Tail. It feels like something children can enjoy and the stories have very straightline plots, good defeats bad, action and powers. What sets it aside from a typical shounen anime would be it’s curious emphasis on the Seven Deadly Sins backstories.

For example, Gowther’s backstory is of a puppet that ripped out a girl’s heart out of lust, is the perception of the people who accused him of such an act, but the truth was that Gowther tried to save the girl by trying to replace her dying heart with his. Each character of the deadly sins have been accused of their sin, except when the entire backstory is told in full, they may not have committed any sins at all. This brings a very relevant theme of perspective. Because it is difficult for humans to see the complete picture – essentially, we perceive things through the tinted lens that is what we see in front of us or what we hear from our perspective, we miss out underlying details that may be important to know before we deliver judgement. Nanatsu no Taizai reminds us not to jump to judgements, and consider from a broader perspective, other possibilities.

On the topic of possibilities, Nanatsu no Taizai rips out the typicalities of ‘a good knight’. From the start, we could see the Holy Knights’ oppression from episode 2, the sword stuck in the ground that cut off the flow of water into the village after they offended a Holy Knight. Holy stuff is usually associated with the good, yet in this show, the Holy Knights were oppressing the people. In the later parts or in the manga, when angels and demons were involved, the angels could be as demonic as the demons themselves. This shows us another principle: a morality of a person cannot be judged by who they are but by what they do. There can be evil angels and kind demons. The stereotypes of what is good or bad in shounen anime is overthrown, there is only each race’ vested interests.

This differentiates Nanatsu no Taizai from the slightly less depth that is other shounen action anime.

Of course, similar to other action anime, the very reason why we watch these anime is for the awesome action scenes. Nanatsu no Taizai does not fail to deliver this aspect, showing the awesomeness of our characters – who wouldn’t be amazed at a young boy catching a spear throw at some speed and power and returning that spear back at the enemies?

The comedy and epic parts of this anime also makes it a really fun and enjoyable watch, while each cliffhanger of the anime leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next such that you cannot stop watching.

Sate sate sate, let’s have a brief look at some parts of the anime.

Meliodas calls Arthur ‘Nii-chan’ which is kinda cute although Meliodas is definitely older despite looking younger than Arthur. What struck me was that both their voices were really similar genki-type (energetic type).

All in all, an excellent watch and a must-watch for fans of action anime. Aside from a slightly more intrincate plot than any action anime, with some good plot twists, the majority of the anime deals with powers and fighting and some good character backstory. Could be a good change of pace for those watching slice-of-life or romance anime.

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