So, as expected, there hasn’t been much activity in the past few weeks on anime reviews or blogging. It’s really too bad… 😫

On the bright side, I’m still surviving and have been keeping up on my anime watching on the weekends, mainly Detective Conan and Overlord Season 2 (which reminds me! I haven’t done a review for it yet!). I’m mostly playing my non-multiplayer non-online game Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国志)for the most part though, maybe might * try * to make a simple game through Renpy (again). I do know it’s not going to be a piece of cake but perhaps working on my half done past work I could fix something presentable up. Without anyone helping me with the graphics, it’s probably gonna look pretty cr*p but we’ll see. At least I have faith in the mechanics of the game working since I have it roughly planned out. Getting it done is a separate issue~😝

To end off this post, a really big thanks to people still following this blog and my twitter, and a really really warm hug to people who continue to ‘hang around’ and care. 😊


Hiatus for 2 Weeks? Or 2 Years?!

So if you haven’t been stalking my twitter, I won’t be contactable for 2 weeks or so, starting from 4th January. Which is great news for me isn’t it! No more worrying about having to post content! *sarcasm*

Honestly I’m not quite sure as to how much energy I will have over the weekends to post stuff, especially full-blown anime reviews that I put a ton of energy thinking over and rechecking and rechecking, I think it’s about one to two hours per anime review. In contrast episodic reviews are fairly easy since they’re thought up on the spot and I type as I watch which would be easier. Well, of course assuming I have the energy to watch anime at all. ~rolls eyes~

So, わかんない!

Hell’s incoming and I can’t wait. lol kek haha lmao rofl.

New Year, New Vision

With the end of 2017, I realised that this blog lacks a strong personality backing some of its posts, especially the ones recommending anime. I guess it would be a good time to begin reviewing anime instead, and giving scores.

Another plus point that I have going for me would be my ability to understand (some) japanese, which I can put to my advantage when analyzing specific quotes. Beyond that, I need to look at anime as a whole and critique it, which I’m finding it really hard to do since all I do is watch them for every bit’s worth of enjoyment value, and thinking of whether it’s a good move as a plot kind of ruins my enjoyment. ^^;;;

Without sufficient follower backing and comments I think my motivation may have fallen apart halfway. But I’ll continue to pick myself up, no matter how many more blog counts or followers other anime blogs have, and continue on with my grand dream of making money out of this. (*T_T)

Beyond that, I would love to get to know some amazing bloggers, so feel free to comment or look me up on Twitter where I’m most active!

Visit to Japan

  • Like a heartbeat pulsing network of people, people moving to and fro with their own objectives yet moving in tandem without blocking each other – – same for every crowded city I suppose
  • Girls have style similar to that of anime, or the other way round, anime is based on Japan after all
  • Appears to be less obvious photo taking, compared to loud selfies elsewhere
  • Elevator on the right hand side might take some getting used to
  • If Japan is polite city I think Spore might be efficient myob city, though just my opinion
  • Too polite seems cold and standoff-ish
  • School trips to places of interests are common
  • Don’t belittle their English 😉 they understand you, it’s just their pronunciation most times
  • Smol boys are 80% confirm cute af
  • High school girls are cute too
  • Your land for hue hue jkjk
  • Flu masks cover up half their face fooling you into thinking they’re cute :3
  • Japan’s own interpretation of Western style is probably different from where you’re from, might be interesting to compare – – perhaps the period in which style derived from e.g. Retro period
  • Anime character names may be train station names or names of places
  • Coming from a land where someone may be called ‘flower’ literally
  • Over polite service belittles oneself?
  • McDonald’s a nice place for a solo or date, and read manga on phones/tablets
  • Girls have powerful legs that withstand all cold, who needs leggings?
  • Supermart prices don’t include taxes to make prices appear cheaper, beware~
  • Common to see students in uniforms they must love their uniforms – or have no other alternatives especially in winter
  • Winter is cold
  • Societal pressure to conform is real – – block the way and you may have people quietly behind trying to signal for you to move aside
  • Feels grudgy like like people will scowl at you or curse you under their breaths, or maybe within their heads, Japan ain’t your perfect polite place imo, it just appears so for westerners who are used to expressing opinions outright, and mostly forced into being polite as part of customer service
  • No one really uses phone while walking for that reason probably, you’ll stand out if you do maybe it’s rude
  • There are kind people though who do strike convos, and they try to smoothen out any awkwardness, usually middle-aged or older ladies, and they do it quite well



Author’s Note: I intended to do a post on my visit to Japan back then, inspired by Christmas and Couples. Unfortunately, it’s been so long and I’ve forgotten 1. my drive and 2. what exactly I wanted to convey. So the latter is probably all in point form up that I was going to rephrase. Read at your own risk.

Changing yourself for your crush

I’m not too sure about this, but this trope seems to be rather common in romance plots. A character realises his or her target for affection favours a particular type, then changes himself or herself to become that particular type to win over their crush.

I’m not too sure where I stand on this either, as in some way changing yourself for others is beautiful, but at the same time, if it was forced or pretense then it wouldn’t seem right. Also, if you have to become “not you” for someone to like you, then that person isn’t looking at you. He or she is looking at what is “not you”. Then in which case, the purpose defeats itself cause it reinforces the idea that the original you wouldn’t have had a chance.

Just a few thoughts with reference to Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso wo Kasaneru, which I’ve found to be very riveting indeed.

What is Slice-of-Life?

What separates slice of life as a genre from the literal meaning of the phrase (which would encompass nearly all fiction) is the emphasis on the very moment, with the intent of focusing the audience on that moment rather than using that moment as part of a narrative. For example, a story about hilarious roommate hi-jinx may depict the mundane life of roommates, but these mundane events are usually the set-ups and punchlines of jokes or part of the conflict between the characters, which takes away their slice-of-life-ness and cements them firmly in the realm of comedy or drama.    —TV Tropes

Compared to,

…depiction of mundane experiences in art and entertainment. In theater it refers to naturalism, while in literary parlance it is a narrative technique in which a seemingly arbitrary sequence of events in a character’s life is presented, often lacking plot development, conflict and exposition, and often having an open ending. —Wikipedia

My conclusion would be that Slice-of-Life cannot be a term loosely used to any School anime, but only to the select few that meet the following requirements:

  • Open ending – the series goes on indefinitely (e.g. Doraemon)
    By extension, no conflict-climax-resolution arc across the entire series.
  • Random sequence of events – or by seasons (e.g. seasonal festivals, Matsuri)
    However, all anime may have these occasionally …
  • Events do not serve any comedic purposes or plot advancement but only to depict the ordinary life of these characters

First post

Uwaaaaa the first blog post is out, isn’t that great! On the first step towards finishing my backlog of anime stuff, is what I wanna say. It’ll be a grand journey of me struggling to write well, but I suppose with effort I’ll get used to it soon enough. Meanwhile, thesaurus is my greatest ally at the moment.

I’ve always wanted to blog about how awesome some shows were. And ImoutoSae is really one of the few that I’m following constantly, besides Detective Conan. (Since I usually binge watch completed seasons at once)

About my writing, I’m not absolutely conscious of the way I write so it just comes out as I think and recheck. Hopefully my current writing style is palatable enough!