Romance of the Three Kingdoms ROTK XI and XIII

Recently I’ve been hooked on this game again. Although not an anime game, technically made it an anime crossover with an anime picture of Hanako-kun in it.

My first thought was: I’m tired of playing ROTK 11 which is so repetitive. Having created my own custom officers Dowager Cixi and Wu Zetian, I proceeded to play a custom scenario Ladies at War which pitted the female officers as rulers, with their husbands at their service. An refreshing twist in man-women dynamics in an ancient chinese game. Assigning my officers to my favourite female officer Sun Shang Xiang, (I love bow characters, what more her good war stat and tomboyish nature is waifu material), my force went on to crush every other force one at a time.

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms ROTK 13 Fame and Strategy Expansion Pack 三国志 XIII PuK Custom Portraits Tutorial

So technically this is not an anime game, but I thought it would be helpful to anyone looking for how to create custom portraits with transparency. Because it took me a few hours to do it, even after scouring the internet for clues. I’ll include screenshots as well, and a sample bmp I made of Hanako-kun!

Tl:dr: The FaceTool provided to add the portraits cannot open bmp files exported through GIMP. To work around this, open the bmp file with another application and Make A Copy.

Tools: GIMP, Photos on Windows 10 or any other application that opens bmp file

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클로저스 Closers Online

Closers (KR: 클로저스, JP: クローザーズ)

2020, Seoul. Mysterious dimensional gates opened all over the planet and unleashed a worldwide invasion of dimensional monsters. However, the opening of the dimensional gates also awakened psychokinetic powers in a few humans. With these psychic warriors, governments around the world turned the tide of the war against these monsters and succeeded in closing the gate, hence the name “CLOSERS”. With the dimensional monsters vanquished, peace returned to the world, and the cities were rebuilt. Through dedicated research into the dimensional gates and psychokinetic power, humans learned that the gates open when there is a singularity in this mysterious power. However, their understanding of the gates was still incomplete. The CLOSERS who survived the First Dimensional War became part of an organization called UNION. Together, they researched the psychokinetic power in all over the world, working to prevent another dimensional war. Continue reading →