Laughter Land ラフターランド

Welcome to another BL visual novel post by Yuu!

Today, we have a look at another eroge that features Boy’s Love, by Langmaor. Similar titles by Langmaor are Enzai and Absolute Obedience. I almost thought Hadaka Shitsuji was by them but turns out not. Enzai and Absolute Obedience are also pretty famed “classics” in the BL visual novel community, so feel free to check them out!

Quick synopsis from Aarinfantasy:

Dick is a young boy living in a village who is bored with schoolwork and his everyday life. One day, he attends the village fair and meets a mysterious boy dressed like a court jester called Guillered who offers to bring him to a world called Laughter Land where one’s every wish is granted and there is no work, only play and no one ever grows up. Dick agrees and is brought to Laughter Land.


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The Case of the Genre unheard of: Visual Novels

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things might be ranting about something that you are really excited about and really ‘into’, but everyone else seemingly staring at you from afar with deadpan looks and not really understanding what you’re talking about or what you’re all excited about…

Me imagining your reaction when I write posts on Visual Novels that no one knows about

It’s really amazing how much people don’t seem to know about Visual Novels despite how amazingly comedic they are, soothing they are, catching they are, and of course how many hours they are.

Of course, people be asking: What is a Visual Novel?

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Utawarerumono うたわれるもの

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A traveller with a mask is found injured, and a nearby village takes him in. In this village, animal tails and ears are common, and they have no qualms taking care of him until he recovers. The man found that he could not remove his mask, and mysteriously, cannot remember a thing. The Elder names him Hakuoro, and soon he finds himself embroiled in a battle to defend his new-found home and village from enemies abroad.

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Umineko: When They Cry うみねこのなく頃に Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

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The Ushiromiya family has a great legend of its past. It is said that Kinzo, the family head had made a deal with Beatrice the witch, who offered him ten tons of gold. Kinzo has now lived past his prime and his health is ailing, and he summons his family to an annual conference. The family successors gather to discuss over his inheritance and the hidden gold, but unbeknownst to them, Kinzo intends to use them as sacrifices to revive Beatrice. Soon, the mysterious killings begin and they must solve the epitaph to stop the murders.

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In the creation of the Evenicle, the Holy Mother Eve gave two commandments that govern the world: One must not kill, and one can only have one partner in life. Criminals become branded as outlaws if they break these laws, and a black ring magically forms around their finger. They become unable to enter towns and harvest food. Asterick, a boy who washes up on the island, wakes up to find himself delightfully below a girl’s ass. Unsatisfied with having only one partner in life, Aster embarks on a journey to increase his knight rank. With each increase, he is allowed to marry and have sex with more women.

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Hadaka Shitsuji 裸執事 Naked Butlers

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Tomoaki loses his waiter job when he punches a drunk customer who molests his female friend Sayaka, who also works at as a waitress at the same restaurant. While unemployed, he stumbles upon an advertisement for a job offering 30 000 yen a day. It turns out that the owner of a grand estate is out of town but the butlers have been ordered to carry on their butler duties, which require them a master to serve. Tomoaki takes up the offer to become the master of the estate, temporarily receiving authority equivalent to that of the owner for a month, which he may use to order the butlers to do anything as he wish and even fire them at his will. The owner also granted him permission to tear down the estate if need be.

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Eiyuu Senki 英雄*戦姫

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Famous people throughout history spanning countries become female heroines in Eiyuu Senki. A Servant of Heaven seemingly falls from the sky and saves Himiko from a group of bandits. Himiko reveals that her divining has revealed to her a vision of a dystopian future ruled by darkness, where countries turmoil in evil. He proceeds to lead Jipang to conquer countries, unify the world and attain world peace, before the forces of darkness breeds.

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A self proclaimed chuunibyou-level-delusional mad scientist makes a time machine that would embroil him in a series of time leaps to decide which sacrifices he will make to save the world from the control of SERN, an organisation who in the future monopolises time travel technology and thus effectively ruling the world.

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Little Busters EX: Saya’s Route

Note: This visual novel consists of a few R18 scenes at the end of each route.

I did promise a D.C. III review, but I’ll get to it another time. I need the time to play through it! So before that, here’s a writeup of a route, in a visual novel that I think is highly underrated. Continue reading →

Ultimate Boob Wars ぜったい最胸☆おっぱい戦争!! ~巨乳王国vs貧乳王国~


Haruto, the protagonist loves both small boobs and big boobs equally. However, the continent Buchest which is shaped like a pair of boobs, is at war. Small boobs loath big boobs just as big boobs loath small boobs. Small boob citizens seem to value intelligence whilst big boob citizens value might and strength. Haruto finds the Breasts Gods who have been reduced in size and power. At their request, Haruto sets out to collect boob power by rubbing the breasts of girls; bringing peace to the lands, all the while having sex with girls on the way.

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