5 Centimeters per Second 秒速5センチメートル Byousoku go Senchimiitoru

There’s three parts to this anime movie, all interlinked and one continuous story. We see the main protagonist, Takaki in three phases of his life.

Part 1 begins by telling us a romantic love story of two children, who grew apart as the girl, Akari moved away to a different school elsewhere in Japan. A pure story of unrequited innocent first love. Soon, the boy, Takaki enters middle/high school.

Part 2 starts from the perspective of another girl, Kanae, who has fallen in love with the same boy, Takaki. At first, we think that Takaki continues to send texts to Akari. This makes Kanae wish that the texts were written to her. It is revealed however, that the texts were never sent, since Takaki did not have Akari’s mail number but continued to write messages not sent.

Part 3 is of Takaki as an adult who realises his initial pure and earnest feelings to work and protect something has withered over the years.

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